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WinNUCAP is a software product for use in preparing Level 2 probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs) for nuclear power plants. It is a member of SCIENTECH's integrated family of PRA/PSA software codes. WinNUCAP organizes and automates the numerical, graphical, and results-generation aspects of Level 2 analytical work. It is designed to accept Level 1 (extended) data on plant damage accident sequences and frequencies. These data may have been developed either with SCIENTECH's WinNUPRA software or by other means.

The centerpiece of WinNUCAP's capabilities is characterization of containment accident processes through the use of Containment Event Trees (CETs). It also provides a wide range of functions preparatory to or following from the derivation of containment accident sequences. WinNUCAP is designed to support the plant damage state/containment event tree/decomposition event tree/source term category method of Level 2 quantification.

WinNUCAP was converted from DOS to Windows.   The code was tested and verified and released on May 5th, 2000.  Please contact WinNUCAP project manager Jeff Julius ( for further information about WinNUCAP.  WinNUCAP will be integrated in a future release of WinNUPRA as a separate module.


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