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What is WinNUPRA

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WinNUPRA is a software package for performing probabilistic risk/safety assessments (PRAs/PSAs). This system, which consists of five major analysis modules, is designed to generate and analyze minimal cutset solutions of various fault trees and cutset equations for accident sequences. Operations are provided for direct solution of fault trees, for their minimum cutsets, and for Boolean manipulation (merging) of cutset equations. Fault tree linking is also supported.

The cutset equations are stored in files that use an algebraic Boolean representation and can be processed in various ways. They can be demodularized, edited, concatenated, and evaluated. They can also be numerically quantified through reference to a database of basic event unavailability (failure probability) data. Variational analyses for sensitivity, uncertainty, and measures of importance can be performed on cutset equation files. By appropriately combining the cutset equations for accident sequences, an overall plant damage model can be formed.

All parts of a Level 1 PSA can be represented and analyzed with WinNUPRA. Event trees and fault trees are represented graphically to make them easy to develop and understand. These same graphical representations can be printed in report-quality figures with supporting tables. Graphical and tabular output options at various phases of the analysis help to ensure quality control of the analytic process.

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