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Product Name:

Version: Error Number:


2.1 WN21-05


Brief Description of Error:

NUCALCU - There is no limit in the fault tree solver PSIMEX for the number of cutsets generated when solving a Fault Tree.  When the number of cutsets exceeds 99,999 the format of the resulting Equation File (EQN File) is not correct.


Possible Effects on Results:

The format of the resulting Equation File is not correct and can not be used in subsequent operations.   However, even with the correct format, the file could not be used, because of the existing cutset limit of 60,000 in WinNUPRA.


Problem Classification:


Editorial Error  


Software Anomaly  




Workaround Suggestions:

Use a higher cutoff value for solving a fault tree, when the number of resulting cutsets exceeds 60,000.


Correction Status:

Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1.


Issued By:


Dieter Spiegel



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