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Product Name:

Version: Error Number:


All WinNUPRA and DOS NUPRA Versions WN21-03


Brief Description of Error:

NUCALCU - When a complement event appears before the actual event in an OCL file, the resulting equations are not correct after the first batch run.  This situation only occurs when a failure branch and all subsequent branches are NOT marked as core damage sequences.

This problem happens only in the first batch run, but not in subsequent runs.  This is, because during the first run, the Pseudo Event (XCOM- Event) is not written to the BED file until the actual event is used in an operation.


Possible Effects on Results:

The resulting equations of the OCL Process are incorrect.  But please note, that the CMF for an Event Tree resulting from this error is always more conservative than the correct CMF.   The percentage of over estimation is bound by the value for the success branch approximation threshold (COMTH, default 5.0E-02, or 5 % over estimated).


Problem Classification:


Editorial Error  


Software Anomaly  




Workaround Suggestions:

Run each Batch Process at least twice, and do not delete Pseudo Events (XCOM- Events) from the BED File.


Correction Status:

Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1.


Issued By:


Dieter Spiegel



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