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Product Name:

Version: Error Number:


2.0 on certain Windows NT Configurations WN20-07


Brief Description of Error:

NUFTREE - When no Fault Tree is open and the "Add Basic Events from LGC to BED File" option in the File Menu is used, the Fault Tree Module might crash.   This problem was discovered in a specific Windows NT environment, but did not happen during tests on other Windows NT computers.  It does not happen when LKC Files are used to update the BED File.


Possible Effects on Results:

A BED File can not be updated from one or more LGC Files, when no Fault Tree is displayed.


Problem Classification:


Editorial Error  


Software Anomaly  




Workaround Suggestions:

Open each Fault Tree separately and use the "Add Fault Tree Data to BED File" menu to update the BED File.


Correction Status:

Fixed in SR-2 of 2.0.


Issued By:


Dieter Spiegel



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