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Product Name:

Version: Error Number:


WinNUPRA 3.1 WN31-03


Brief Description of Error:

NUCALCU - There is a problem adding a XEQN-event to the BED file when a fault tree solution name is part of another fault tree solution name.  The following example illustrates the problem:


YP, W-FME-ML,  TJR.LGC, GTJR2112,  NA,  1.00E-12

YP, W-FME,         TJR.LGC, GTJR2112,  NA,  1.00E-12


If both fault tree solutions are logical solutions (TRUE/FALSE), the first XEQN-event (XEQN-W-FME-ML) is added to the BED file, but the second XEQN-event (XEQN-W-FME) is not, because the name is a sub set of the other name, and WinNUPRA thinks that the event has already been added.


Possible Effects on Results:

During OCL processing you might get a message that the XEQN-event cannot be found in the BED file.


Problem Classification:


Editorial Error  


Software Anomaly  




Workaround Suggestions:

Avoid using EQN file names that are sub sets of other EQN file names.


Correction Status:

Fixed in 3.1 SR-1.


Issued By:


Dieter Spiegel



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