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Product Name:

Version: Error Number:


All WinNUPRA 3.0 Versions WN30-15


Brief Description of Error:

NUFTREE - When adding Basic Events from multiple Fault Trees to the BED File by using the 'Add Basic Events from LGC to BED File' option in the File Menu when no Fault Tree is open, some Basic Events might have random characters in the Point Estimate, Description, System, and Location fields.  Since this is caused by a field overflow in the Sub Type field it depends on the memory allocation of each fault tree to determine which Basic Events are affected.


Possible Effects on Results:

The Point Estimate, Description, System, and Location fields of some Basic Events contain random characters.


Problem Classification:


Editorial Error  


Software Anomaly  




Workaround Suggestions:

Instead of using all Fault Trees for this function, select fewer Fault Trees and perform the update process in stages, for example five fault trees at a time.


Correction Status:

Fixed in 3.0 SR-4.


Issued By:


Dieter Spiegel



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