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A WinNUPRA Users Group (NUG) has been formed to foster the growth, enhancement and utilization of its WinNUPRA Software. The purpose of the NUG to provide for software improvements and minimize the cost to individual organizations by pooling resources. It is expected that improvements would include areas of data manipulation, human reliability, maintenance applications, external events, and risk management applications, as well as improvements in user friendliness. A secondary benefit will be the creation of a forum for debating ideas on the specific issues related to the underlying PRA methodology as well as sharing information on other pertinent risk management issues and application of PRA information.


The membership of NUG will consist of one member of each organization who has purchased a DOS NUPRA or WinNUPRA license who have paid NUG membership fees, and one representative from SCIENTECH, Inc.

Two classes of members will be included in the NUG. A principal member will be entitled to all information, software enhancements and documentation supported by the NUG. An associate member will be entitled to share information regarding utilization of WinNUPRA, but will not receive any software enhancements.


The NUG will elect annually from its members, a Chairman to preside over NUG activities. SCIENTECH will provide all administrative and technical support necessary to support NUG activities.

NUG actions will be determined by majority rule, with each member casting one vote. The NUG Chairman will cast any required tie-breaking vote. Only principal NUG members can vote on enhancements to be made to WinNUPRA.


The NUG will operate on a calendar year basis commencing on January 1, 1991. Annual NUG meetings will be held (more frequent meetings may be held if desired by NUG members) to conduct NUG business, share information, and provide training. Membership votes on NUG actions will be at the meetings or by telephone, mail or facsimile. WinNUPRA enhancements will be planned and implemented on an annual basis. SCIENTECH will poll NUG to determine desired WinNUPRA enhancements and improvements. Based on input from NUG members, SCIENTECH will identify and define proposed enhancements for the coming year. A proposed enhancement package will be presented to NUG members prior to the start of each calendar year. The proposed enhancement package will based on NUG member suggestions consistent with resource schedule, quality assurance implications, and NUG sponsorship. SCIENTECH will provide software enhancements to NUG members in the most expeditious manner consistent with above considerations and overall WinNUPRA validation requirements.

Principal NUG members will receive NUG sponsored enhancements and related documentation at no charge provided they have maintained their full membership current during the sponsorship period. Associate members may obtain NUG-sponsored WinNUPRA enhancements by payment of additional fees to the Users Group.

SCIENTECH may, at its discretion, assume a share of the cost of providing enhancements for the overall benefit of the NUG. SCIENTECH may also decide at its discretion, to enhance WinNUPRA in specific areas totally at its own cost. In which case SCIENTECH will consult with NUG, but retains the discretionary right to develop WinNUPRA enhancement or features.

Individual NUG members or subgroups of NUG members, including SCIENTECH itself, may decide to fund specific WinNUPRA upgrades themselves. The opportunity to fund these will first be offered to NUG. Such upgrades shall be made available to other NUG members on an equitable cost-recovery basis.

SCIENTECH will retain all ownership and copyrights to WinNUPRA and will be the sole agency for providing license as for the use of WinNUPRA including enhancements.


Membership fees will be utilized to fund all NUG activities including code enhancements. NUG meetings and correspondence and all other such activities required to support a dynamic and effective Users Group.


SCIENTECH warrants that any enhancements to WinNUPRA will be free of defects and will be provided under the same limited warranty as the original WinNUPRA license. NUG members shall bear no responsibility regarding the accuracy, completeness, or overall functionality of any software enhancements. 

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