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If you're experiencing a problem with one of our software products, please fill out and submit the following
bug report form. You may also want to check out our list of known problems.

Known Problems

Number Version Title Description Fix
WN31-06 3.1 Version Importance and Sensitivity Analysis

NURESULT - The Importance and Sensitivity Analysis might fail in rare cases when the number of Cutset Elements in the processed Equation reaches an internal limit that triggers an increase in allocated memory.  In this case the Results Module closes unexpectedly.

Will be fixed in 3.1 SR-1
WN31-05 3.1 Version PDS update in Event Trees

NUCALCU - When updating PDS data for an Event Tree in the Event Tree Module only the first nine sequences are updated.  All other sequences are not updated.

Will be fixed in 3.1 SR-1


3.0 and 3.1 Version


EQD Files in Batch Process

NUCALCU - When creating a Cutsets Report file (EQD file) in the Batch Process the resulting file indicates that some of the Basic Events could not be found, although they exist in the BED file.  It also puts the EQD file into the wrong folder.  It should be in the Output directory, not in the Results directory.  This problem only occurs in the Batch Process.  It does not happen when the EQD file is created manually from the Tools Menu.

Will be fixed in 3.1 SR-1




3.1 Version


XEQN-events in Batch Process


NUCALCU - There is a problem adding a XEQN-event to the BED file when a fault tree solution name is part of another fault tree solution name.  The following example illustrates the problem:


YP, W-FME-ML,  TJR.LGC, GTJR2112,  NA,  1.00E-12

YP, W-FME,         TJR.LGC, GTJR2112,  NA,  1.00E-12


If both fault tree solutions are logical solutions (TRUE/FALSE), the first XEQN-event (XEQN-W-FME-ML) is added to the BED file, but the second XEQN-event (XEQN-W-FME) is not, because the name is a sub set of the other name, and WinNUPRA thinks that the event has already been added.

Will be fixed in 3.1 SR-1




3.1 Version


Copying and Pasting in Batch File Editor


NUCALCU - When copying and pasting a Fault Tree Solution command in the Batch File Editor the pasted command lines might not be correct, and it might add additional command lines that were not copied.  This Copy/Paste problem occurs only with command lines for Fault Tree solutions.  All other command lines can be copied and pasted without a problem.

Will be fixed in 3.1 SR-1




3.1 Version


Parameter Record Matching in Fault Tree Editor

NUFTREE - When adding a Basic Event in a Fault Tree the Basic Event Data is not correctly retrieved from the Parameter File (PRM).  When a Basic Event is added the Editor first looks for this event in the fault tree.  If it cannot be found it looks in the BED File.  If it is not in the BED file, it looks in the PRM file, using the 3 levels of Parameter matching.  The newly introduced 3. level is not working correctly.  As a result a Level 3 match might be used even though a Level 2 match exists.

Will be fixed in 3.1 SR-1
WN30-15 3.0 Version Adding Basic Events from Fault Trees to BED File NUFTREE - When adding Basic Events from multiple Fault Trees to the BED File by using the 'Add Basic Events from LGC to BED File' option in the File Menu when no Fault Tree is open, some Basic Events might have random characters in the Point Estimate, Description, System, and Location fields.  Since this is caused by a field overflow in the Sub Type field it depends on the memory allocation of each fault tree to determine which Basic Events are affected. Fixed in 3.0 SR-4
WN30-14 3.0 Version Multiple XEQN-Events in BED File NUCALCU - When a Fault Tree solution (manually or in a Batch Run) produces a Unity Event (XEQN-Event) the Calculation Module adds the XEQN-Event to the BED File even if the XEQN-Event already exists.  This might lead to a database overflow after multiple Batch Runs.  This situation can cause other functions in the Calculation Module to crash. Fixed in 3.0 SR-4
WN30-13 3.0 Version Uncertainty Analysis Problem in the Batch Process NUCALCU - When using the Uncertainty Analysis in the Batch Process the Calculation Module might close unexpectedly.  The error is caused by the generation of a random number that might be outside the allowed range. Fixed in 3.0 SR-3
WN30-12 3.0 Version Flag Event Problem in Fault Trees NUFTREE - When inserting a new Flag Event with an Event Name that exists in the linked BED File and not checking the radio button for the Event Type, the Flag Event is inserted as k/n Gate. Fixed in 3.0 SR-2, but not in SR-3
WN30-11 All WinNUPRA Versions SEQ File Display Problem in Data Module NUMNTAIN - When opening a Sequence File (SEQ File) in the Data Module the probability of a few Sequences might be displayed as 0.0, although they are correctly stored in the SEQ file. Fixed in 3.0 SR-2, but not in SR-3
WN30-10 3.0 Version Incorrect Uncertainty Analysis Results in Batch Process. NUCALCU - When using the Uncertainty Function in the Batch Process, the Results are all 0.0.  This error is cause by reading the new BED file format incorrectly.  This problem does not exist when the Uncertainty Analysis is used in the Results Module. Fixed in 3.0 SR-2
WN30-09 3.0 Version Recalculate in CCF Expansion causes crash NUTOOLS - When using the Recalculate Option in the Common Cause Failure Expansion of the Tools Module, the application closes unexpectedly. Fixed in 3.0 SR-2, but not in SR-3
WN30-08 3.0 Version Wrong Probability Display in EQD Files NUCALCU - When creating an EQN Report File (EQD file) the Probability for all Basic Events is displayed as 1.20e+000. Fixed in 3.0 SR-2
WN30-07 3.0 Version Sorting in the Data Module NUMNTAIN - When displaying any of the Data Files in the Data Module (BED, PRM, SEQ) and sorting the list by clicking on a Column Header, subsequent Edit operations, like Cut, Copy, and Paste, might be performed on incorrect records. Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN30-06 3.0 Version Printing always prints SCIENTECH NUETREE and NUFTREE - When printing a BED File or a PRM File from the Event Tree or Fault Tree Module the Header on the printout always prints "SCIENTECH". Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN30-05 All Windows Versions Branches missing in OCL NUETREE - When adding a new Branch in an Event Tree and creating an OCL File or SEQ File from the Event Tree without closing and re-opening the Event Tree, the OCL or SEQ Files do not include the branches that were added.

This problem does not occur when the OCL or SEQ Files are created when no Event Tree is displayed.
Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN30-04 3.0 Version Registry settings for WinNUCAP WINMAIN - The WinNUPRA Main Module is using the Registry Settings from the old WinNUPRA version for the WinNUCAP Folder. Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN30-03 3.0 Version Quantify ET with 3.0 BED format NUETREE - When quantifying an Event Tree with a BED File that has the new BED File Format the Event Tree Module closes unexpectedly Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN30-02 3.0 Version Update LKC from BED NUFTREE - When updating a linked Fault Tree (LKC File) from the BED File in the Fault Tree Module the module becomes locked and needs to be closed in the Windows Task Manager. Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN30-01 3.0 Version Display SEQ data NUMNTAIN - The Display of the Columns is not correct when a SEQ file is displayed and updated with the latest Sequence Data.  However, the SEQ file update is correct and the data can be saved. Fixed in 3.0 SR-1
WN21-19 2.1 Version and earlier Minimalize funtion in Auto Edit Function NUCALCU - The Minimalize function that follows the Auto Edit Function in the Batch Process might produce incorrect Equation Files. This only happens when using a "*" in the second column of the Batch File Command.  After the Auto Edit process all edited Equation Files are minimalized.  During this process smaller Equation Files that follow larger ones might be incorrect.  All other Minimalize functions are not affected by this.

To be affected by this error all of the following conditions have to be true:

- The Auto Edit command is used in a Batch File.
- The second column of the Auto Edit command contains the "*" symbol.
- There are more than one line in the APP file used in the Auto Edit function.
- Substitutions are performed in more than one Equation File.
Fixed in 3.0.
WN21-18 All 2.1 Versions Comparing BED files NUMNTAIN - When comparing two BED Files in the Data Module the first record of each BED File is ignored and not included in the comparison Fixed in 3.0
WN21-17 All DOS NUPRA and WinNUPRA Versions External Transfer name that matches a Gate Name NUCALCU - When using an External Transfer Name that matches a Gate Name in the Fault Tree where the External Transfer Gate is located and the External Transfer Gate is not found in the listed External Fault Tree, the Linking process treats the External Transfer Gate as an Internal Transfer Gate, and no message is displayed.
Fixed in SR-4 of 2.1. (does not exist! => Fixed in 3.0)
WN21-16 2.1 OCL fails to solve in Calculation Module NUETREE - The resulting OCL file created in the Event Tree Module might have some garbage in it.  Solving this OCL file in the Calculation Module will fail. Fixed in SR-4 of 2.1. (does not exist! => Fixed in 3.0)
WN21-15 All Windows Versions Path length for WinNUPRA files NUCALCU - When using a path to WinNUPRA files with more than 50 characters, the Auto Edit Function might fail. Fixed in SR-3 of 2.1.
WN21-14 All WinNUPRA Versions in Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2) only Linking of Fault Trees under Windows 2000 NUCALCU - The process of Linking Fault Trees fails, if WinNUPRA runs in Windows 2000. Fixed in SR-3 of 2.1.
WN21-13 All Windows Versions Importance in the Batch Process NUCALCU - When performing an Importance Analysis in the Batch Process and the Equation File is empty, an incorrect Error Message is displayed Fixed in SR-3 of 2.1.
WN21-12 All Windows Versions Display of Sequence Number NUMNTAIN - When opening a Sequence Data File (SEQ File), the Sequence Number is not displayed correctly Fixed in SR-3 of 2.1.
WN21-11 All Windows Versions NUMNTAIN and NURESULT - The folders in the Project/Model Settings might be ignored in the Data Module and Results Module when the default folder is changed in one of the Open or Save operations. Fixed in SR-3 of 2.1.
WN21-10 All Windows Versions Update Fault Tree from BED NUFTREE - When updating a Fault Tree with data from a BED File, only the first 500 basic events are updated, although a Fault Tree can have up to 1000 Basic Events, with a maximum of 500 unique Basic Events. Fixed in SR-2 of 2.1.
WN21-09 1.2 Description of BE's is not retrieved correctly for BE's with Parameter Value >999 NUFTREE - When saving a Fault Tree with Basic Events of type 1, 2, or 4 with a Parameter Value greater than 999, the description of those basic events is not retrieved correctly the next time the Fault Tree is opened. Fixed in SR-2 of 2.1.
WN21-08 All Uncertainty Analysis NURESULT - The Uncertainty Analysis for an Equation produces wrong results, if not all Basic Events of the Equation can be matched with the Parameter File.  For Basic Events that can not be matched with a record in the Parameter File, the value from the BED File is used instead.  This search in the BED File does not work correctly. Fixed in SR-2 of 2.1.
WN21-07 2.1 PSIMEX and non-english windows OS NUCALCU - When using the fault tree solver PSIMEX in international (non-english) Windows operating systems, the fault tree solution fails, if the decimal symbol in the Regional Settings of the Control Panel is set to ",". Fixed in SR-2 of 2.1.
WN21-06 All Windows Versions Quantification of SEQ file when Basic Event contains "_" NUMNTAIN - The quantification of a Sequence Data File (SEQ File) might fail, if at least one sequence contains a Basic Event with the underscore symbol "_" in its name.  This is caused by the Search function in the update process, which searches for Basic Events in the BED File. Fixed in SR-2 of 2.1.
WN21-05 2.1 Cutsetlimit of 99,999 with PSIMEX NUCALCU - There is no limit in the fault tree solver PSIMEX for the number of cutsets generated when solving a Fault Tree.  When the number of cutsets exceeds 99,999 the format of the resulting Equation File (EQN File) is not correct. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1
WN21-04 2.1 PSIMEX and Basic Events starting with numbers NUCALCU - When using PSIMEX to solve a Fault Tree which has Basic Events starting with a number, the symbol ' + ' between these basic events in the resulting Equation File might be used instead of the symbol ' * '. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1
WN21-03 2.1 Complement events before the actual event in OCL. NUCALCU - When a complement event appears before the actual event in an OCL file, the resulting equations are not correct after the first batch run.  This situation only occurs when a failure branch and all subsequent branches are NOT marked as core damage sequences.

This problem happens only in the first batch run, but not in subsequent runs.  This is, because during the first run, the Pseudo Event (XCOM- Event) is not written to the BED file until the actual event is used in an operation.
Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1
WN21-02 2.1 Incorrect value for XCOM- events NUCALCU - In the OCL process, when a Pseudo Event (XCOM- Event) is created with a negative probability, the value for the XCOM- Event is mistakenly changed to 1.0, instead of 0.0. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1
WN21-01 2.1 Incorrect results for CC Failure Expansion NUTOOLS - When performing a Common Cause Failure Expansion with a group of Basic Events located in different Fault Trees and using the "Expand Partial Match" option, the results are not correct. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.1
WN20-16 All Versions An arbitrary gate is used in place of an undeveloped gate when linking a Fault Tree. NUCALCU - When a Fault Tree with an undeveloped gate is linked into another fault tree, no warning or error message is displayed and an arbitrary gate is used in place of the undeveloped gate.  An undeveloped gate is a gate created by the insertion of an internal transfer gate and does not have a type assigned.  In the fault tree editor, an undeveloped gate is displayed with a question mark instead of a gate type.

However, a proper error message is displayed, when the fault tree with an undeveloped gate is linked, instead of being linked into another tree.
Fixed in SR-3 of 2.0
WN20-15 All Versions Log Button in Sensitivity Analyses stays inactive NURESULT - The 'Log' Button in the 'Selected Subclass of Events' dialog box of the Sensitivity Analysis can only be activated by clicking on the 'Recalculate' button.   By clicking the 'Apply' button, the 'Log' Button stays inactive. Fixed in SR-3 of 2.0.
WN20-14 1.2 (all Service Releases), 2.0 (SR-1, SR-2) BCL File can overwrite existing main BED File NUCALCU - In a BCL File, when using the same file name for the Main BED File and the BCL File itself, the BCL process overwrites the existing Main BED File and creates an empty BED File.  For example, if the name of the BCL File is XXXX.BCL and the Main BED File in this BCL File is specified as "MAIN=XXXX", XXXX.BED will be truncated to 0 size. Fixed in SR-3 of 2.0.
WN20-13 2.0(SR-2) Problem with OCL file when using 5 characters for the IE name and >99 Sequences NUETREE - When using the maximum 5 characters for the Initiating Event in an Event Tree with more than 99 Sequences, the OCL File resulting from this Event Tree is not correct.

This problem does exist in previous WinNUPRA Versions, but never had any consequences, since OCL Files with more than 99 sequences could not be processed (see Error WN20-10).
Fixed in SR-3 of 2.0.
WN20-12 1.2, 2.0, 2.0 (SR-1) Matching Pattern from can be set wrong. NUMNTAIN - When opening and saving more than one Parameter File at the same time in the Data Module, the matching pattern of all open Parameter Files is set to the Matching Pattern of the Parameter File that was opened last. Fixed in SR-3 of 2.0.
WN20-11 1.2, 2.0, 2.0 (SR-1) Batch process displays error when EQN file does not exist. NUCALCU - The Batch Process displays the message "Failure to open %s, Check Quantification Operation for %s" when the following statement is used in the Batch File and the EQNFILE does not exist:  N,  EQNFILE,  NA

WinNUPRA does not execute this command, but is still looking for the presence of the EQNFILE.
Fixed in SR-3 of 2.0.
WN20-10 1.2, 2.0, 2.0 (SR-1) OCL solving fails when more than 100 Sequence ID's or more than 500 equations are in the OCL NUCALCU - When an OCL file has more than 100 Sequence IDs or more than 500 Equations the pre-processing of the Merge Process fails, displays a message and might crash the Calculation Module Fixed in SR-2 of 2.0
WN20-09 1.2, 2.0, 2.0 (SR-1) Saving EQN or MOD in the Cutset Editor NURESULT - When saving an Equation File (EQN) in the Cutset Editor, the format of the saved file is not correct.  This is also true for saving a Cutset as a MOD file in the Cutset Editor Fixed in SR-2 of 2.0
WN20-08 All Versions Data from different SEQ Files are mixed when multiple SEQ files are opened. NURESULT - When more than one SEQ Data File are open in the Results Module, the SEQ specific functions in the Display and File menus might not deliver correct results.  Data from different SEQ Files are mixed together.  This problem does not exist, when only one SEQ Data File is open. Fixed in SR-2 of 2.0
WN20-07 2.0 on certain Windows NT Configurations Fault Tree module might crash on "Add Basic Events from LGC to BED File" NUFTREE - When no Fault Tree is open and the "Add Basic Events from LGC to BED File" option in the File Menu is used, the Fault Tree Module might crash.   This problem was discovered in a specific Windows NT environment, but did not happen during tests on other Windows NT computers.  It does not happen when LKC Files are used to update the BED File. Fixed in SR-2 of 2.0
WN20-06 1.2 (All Service Releases), 2.0 on Windows NT Page Name displayed in Message Box incorrect NUFTREE - When saving a Fault Tree with a Basic Event that is not connected, the Page Name displayed in the Message Box might not be correct Fixed in SR-2 of 2.0.
WN20-05 1.2 (All Service Releases), 2.0 Data retrieval from PRM file in the FT-module NUFTREE - When creating a basic event in a Fault Tree, the data can be retrieved from the Parameter File only, if there is a complete match.  If significant characters are matched, the basic event can not be found in the Parameter File. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.0.
WN20-04 All Service Releases of 1.2 , 2.0 on Windows NT FT and ET copy to clipboard doesn't work in Windows NT NUFTREE and NUETREE on Windows NT - Copying a Fault Tree Page or an Event Tree to the Windows Clipboard does not work in Windows NT.  This problem does not exist in Windows 95 or Windows 98. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.0.
WN20-03 1.2 (Only Service Releases), 2.0 Basic Event Descriptions in the Sensitivity Analysis Window NURESULT - The Basic Event Descriptions displayed in the Sensitivity Analysis Window are not correct. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.0.
WN20-02 1.2 (All Service Releases), 2.0 NURELMCS and NUPRA Solver under Windows NT NUCALCU on Windows NT - When using a space in the WinNUPRA Application Folder on Windows NT, both DOS fault tree solver NURELMCS and NUPRA fail.  This problem does not exist in Windows 95 or Windows 98. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.0.
WN20-01 1.2 (All Service Releases), 2.0 Description of transfer gates is saved but not loaded NUFTREE - When the number of internal AND external transfer gates exceeds 500 in a fault tree, the description that is entered for these transfer gates is saved, but not loaded, when the fault tree is opened again. Fixed in SR-1 of 2.0.
WN054 All Versions prior to 1.2 SR-4 Unlinked Fault Tree can not be solved with NURELMCS NUCALCU - An unlinked Fault Tree (LGC Tree) can not be solved with DOS or Windows NURELMCS.  This problem does not occur, when solving a linked Tree (LKC Tree), or when using one of the other Fault Tree Engines. Fixed in SR-4
WN053 All Versions prior to 1.2 SR-4 Wrong file name is displayed when saving ET and other ET's are open NUETREE - When saving an Event Tree and two or more Event Trees are open, the wrong file name is displayed in the Overwrite Message Box <The file already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?>. Fixed in SR-4
WN052 All WinNUPRA Versions Match of new BE in a FT depends on location of BE in the PRM file NUFTREE - When creating a new Basic Event in a Fault Tree, the Parameter File is searched for this basic event.  In this search, a basic event with a complete match should always be chosen over a basic event with a partial match (match with only the most significant characters).  However, the search order in Parameter Files depends on the physical location of the basic event in the alphabetically sorted Parameter File.  The search is performed from the first record to the last record in the Parameter File.  Whether the basic event of a partial match is chosen, or the basic event of a complete match, depends on which one comes first. Fixed in SR-4
WN051 1.2 SR-2, 1.2 SR-3 Event Tree can not be opened when legend has 5 blank lines NUETREE - An Event Tree can not be opened and displayed again, if the Event Tree originated from DOS-NUPRA, was saved in WinNUPRA 1.2 (SR-2 or SR-3), and has at least one legend with 5 lines that are blank Fixed in SR-4
WN050 1.2, 1.2 SR-1, 1.2 SR-2 Updating of sequences fails with XEQN-Events NUMNTAIN - Updating sequences in a Sequence File (SEQ) with data from a BED File might fail because XEQN-Events can not be found in the BED File, although they exist in the BED File. Fixed in SR-3
WN049 1.2, 1.2 SR-1, 1.2 SR-2 Equations of Merge Process are incorrect with XCOM Events not in the BED NUCALCU - Some of the resulting Equations of a Merge Process (OCL Processing) are not correct, if Pseudo Events (XCOM-Events) are involved in the Merge Process, and those Pseudo Events are not in the BED File. Fixed in SR-3
WN048 1.2, 1.2 SR-1, 1.2 SR-2 Description of undeveloped Transfer Gate is not saved NUFTREE - When adding an Undeveloped Transfer Gate to a Fault Tree, the Description is not saved the first time the user clicks the OK button Fixed in SR-3
WN047 1.2, 1.2 SR-1, 1.2 SR-2 EQN can not be loaded in the Cutset Editor NURESULT - An Equation File (EQN) can not be loaded into the Cutset Editor, if at least one basic event of the EQN file has 16 characters Fixed in SR-3
WN046 1.2, 1.2 SR-1, 1.2 SR-2 Non Top Gates in Solving Fault Tree Menu NUCALCU - Solving Fault Tree Menu.  Not all gates listed in the combo box for Top Gates are real top gates, if the selected Fault Tree has more than 500 gates. Fixed in SR-3
WN045 1.2, 1.2 SR-1, 1.2 SR-2 CSV file gets wrong Header NUMNTAIN - When creating a Comma Delimited Text File (CSV) from a Parameter File and including a Header, the Variance is in the wrong column of the Header.  The Variance should be in the column right after the 95th Percentile. Fixed in SR-3
WN044 1.2 SR-1 Printing legends NUETREE - When printing legends, the event tree module always prints the first line of the legend five times.  The other lines are not printed. Fixed in SR-2 for WinNUPRA 1.2
WN043 1.2 WRONG BE probabilities with BE's alphabetically greater than XCOM NUCALCU - The OCL process might use wrong basic event probabilities, when pseudo events (XCOM- Events) are created and added to the BED file, and when basic events exist that are alphabetically greater than XCOM- Events (like events starting with a Y or Z). Fixed in SR-1 for WinNUPRA 1.2
WN042 1.2 Enter Top gates in TOOLS-Solve Fault Tree menu NUCALCU - When solving a Fault Tree with the TOOLS-Solve Fault Tree menu, only top gates can be selected.  The user is not able to enter a gate name.
Fixed in SR-1 for WinNUPRA 1.2

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