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The following table displays which WinNUPRA Module Updates are included in the Service Releases for Version 3.0:

    WinNUPRA Modules
  V&V performed Calculation Data Event Tree Fault Tree Results Tools Main Module
SR-1 Yes   X X X     X
SR-2 No X X   X   X  
SR-3 Yes X       X    
SR-4 No X   X X      

If you only install Software that has been verified and validated in a formal QA program then you should skip Service Release 2 and Service Release 4 and only install Service Release 1 and Service Release 3.  This will not update the Data, Tools, and Fault Tree Modules from SR-1 which fixes errors WN30-09, WN30-11, and WN30-12.

Please also note that SR-2 includes everything from SR-1, but SR-03 and SR-04 do NOT include all Modules from previous Service Releases.

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